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About Us


Belle Minks is based in The Bay Area, California. Our mission is to help show that societies beauty standards have changed. We believe that there is no standard of beauty. And that beauty simply starts with you.  



Born and raised in The Bay Area, California. Building her empire as a working girl boss with her 9-5 job and maintaining the entrepreneur lifestyle Whitney Bell understands the importance of being inclusive in the beauty community being born into one of the nations largest cultural melting pot. People think that a lot of us who wear makeup don't like ourselves, wear it to please others or fit into societies beauty standards, OR are just simply insecure and that's not it AT ALL. Makeup is a form of expression, which is an artist way to express themselves. May that be through music, fashion, dance, etc, IT'S ALL ART. 

" I wear it 'cause I like it... I knew that I always wanted to start my own business, of course in something that I was passionate about. 


We value YOU! Without the love and positive vibes from our supporters we wouldn't be here without you. We will continue to serve you and give you the best experience with our brand and ensure you receive top quality products that you deserve.


Thank you for choosing to shop with Belle Minks.